Caro-Lin Couture

Shine like a diamond! We provide true German dresses so called Dirndl Couture in dizzling colors with rich pearl embroideries and lovingly details all individually handcrafted.     A unique dress for any charming woman!  Every Dirndl is one of a kind - inimitable, enchanting and sophisticated to capture the oriental touch of Dubai in a German traditional costume to be worn not only for the Oktoberfest...

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A stunning  accessory can make or break an outfit but all our individually matching accessories guarantee a felicitous appearance and runway-worthy!  Be it a pretty handbag, a colorful hairband or even a beautiful scarf,- simple or extravagant, fancy color- and playful or classy and glamorous, there little somethings will round up your outfit and are partially custommade for your dress only...

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Oktoberfest is coming…
Enjoy Caro Lin Couture's Dubai-Dirndl-Special only while Ramadan*
order now your own unique customized Dirndl dress and get 20% off or buy one of the ready made Couture Dirndl of the new Dubai collection and save 10%.
Trendy or graceful and elegant, fashion simply flatters a womans' body.  Get inspired and dress up for the Munich Oktoberfest in Dubai or around the world. With Caro Lin Couture women evoke their inner princess. Our collection contains stunning Dirndl Couture, evening dresses, bridal wear and tunics, the essential item for any wardrobe. There’s always an occasion!

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